About Azure

Azure combines technical expertise with impact investing to upgrade and expand water services for rural and small urban communities.

Azure's Mission

Azure's mission is to provide a reliable supply of safe water to under-served urban and rural households.

Technical Services & Financing

Azure provides technical services and financing through two entities.

Azure Technical Services

Azure Technical Services (ATS) is a partnership between Catholic Relief Services and Azure S.A., a Salvadoran-based social enterprise.

ATS supports Water Service Providers (WSP) to expand and improve water and sanitation services by providing:

  • Design and engineering services for water and sanitation projects
  • Training WSP operators and technicians
  • Supporting the national water agency's Center for Formation of Rural WSPs
  • Business development support to Water Service Providers, including small urban water utilities and community-run rural water boards.
  • Support Water Sup to apply and access loan loans from local financial institutions (banks and credit cooperatives)

Azure Technical Services are partially funded by WSPs that pay for these services. ATS activities are also subsidized by technical service grants from Catholic Relief Services, MIF, Rotary Club, and other supporters


Azure Source Capital

Azure Source Capital is a special financial vehicle established to mobilize loan capital for Water Service Providers in small cities and rural communities in Latin America. ASC is a Limited Liability Company (LLC) registered in the state of Maryland, and managed by Total Impact Capital.

In El Salvador, ASC established a trust (fideicomiso) called, "FideAgua", managed by the national development bank of El Salvador (BANDESAL). FideAgua loans capital to local financial institutions (banks and credit cooperatives) to on-lend to water service providers at competitive interest rates.

A portion of loan repayments from WSPs to FideAgua are invested into Azure Technical Services to provide ongoing support to WSPs that have accessed loans provided by ASC.

Azure's Value Proposition

Mobilize capital and technical support for water service providers to upgrade and expand water services.

Management Team

Azure's management team includes international business people and Salvadoran water specialists.

Catholic Relief Services Azure

Paul Hicks

Director of Water and Land Restoration for Catholic Relief Services. Paul has extensive experience leading projects in water supply and source water protection. He led the design and start-up of Azure, in collaboration with principals of Azure S.A. Paul provides strategic direction and technical advice for implementation and expansion of the Azure model.

Maren Barbee

Azure Coordinator for Catholic Relief Services. Environmental Management Specialist with an MBA with experience working in project management and consulting related to integrated water resource management, water and sanitation, waste management, and rural economic development.

Azure S.A. de C.V.

Bryan Rhodes

Principal, Bryan has expertise in financial and market analysis and small and medium enterprise development. Bryan has extensive international experience and has led the financial and business analysis for Azure since original feasibility study. Bryan is a co-founder and principal for Absolute Options, a development consultancy firm, based in the USA.

David Rinck

Principal, David is an agricultural economist with expertise in value chain analysis and small and medium business development. David has nearly 20 years of overseas experience with NGOs (including CRS), USAID, and the private sector. David led the feasibility studies for Azure in two countries and plays a key role in strategic planning for Azure.

Oscar Rodriquez

Principal & Manager, Oscar Rodriquez is a Salvadoran physician with more than 20 years’ experience in the water sector. He has worked for public sector agencies, donors (World Bank) and international NGOs (CRS, CARE, and others). Oscar led an IDB-funded program that provided the foundation for Azure.

Rodolfo Pacheco

Principal & Senior Water Engineer, Rodolfo Pacheco is a Salvadoran water engineer with expertise in designing, building, and maintaining water systems in rural El Salvador, including more than 20 years’ experience with national and international NGOs. Pacheco was the lead engineer on an IDB-funded program that provided the foundation for Azure.

Azure Source Capital, LLC

Azure Source Capital, LLC is managed by Total Impact lead by Ambassador (Ret.) John Simon. The Board of directors of Azure Source Capital LLC is comprised of representatives from Catholic Relief Services, Azure S.A., and private impact investors.